You Can't Control Life's Roadblocks

But You Can Control How You Handle Them


“About a year ago I was tested with another downfall in my life to the point of needing legal services. I contacted David Foyil at Equal Justice Law Group. While meeting with him I explained my situation (I wanted equal custody of my, at the time 1-year-old son). After meeting with David for about 30 minutes I decided to retain his services. Almost immediately he and his staff began working on my case. I was asking for 50% custody and when it was all done, if you break down the time that I have with my son, it was more than 50%. I was very relieved and happy when the court order came through. passionate about what they do there. I couldn’t be happier about the total outcome and the willingness to help displayed by all of his staff.”

Wayne H.

“Thank you for coming to me and sharing your belief in my book at precisely the right time. Your expertise, coaching, and editing have made this experience quite seamless and enjoyable. You inspire me!”

-Kristin Darga, Author of Impact Founder

“I highly recommend Amy’s program to anyone who has the desire to write and publish a book. Amy has such experience, knowledge, and wisdom, combined with spot-on intuition that is invaluable. I recommend Amy and this course to any budding author.”

- Stacie Ivey, Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine

“A good editor will always make a writer better at her craft. My deep gratitude to Amy Collette for helping me clean up this manuscript and make it much easier to read. In the process of her working with me, my writing has improved immensely. Thank you, Amy!”

- Nancy Rynes, Author of Awakenings from the Light

“Thank you so much for who you are and how that encourages the vulnerable writer in me and puts me in touch with the writer who knows what is true for me.”

-Diane Cox, Author of the upcoming book Resilient Americans: We may not have it all together, but together we have it all

“Utilizing Attorney David Foyil on our family legal matters has worked out well for us. It was a stressful process to make that decision that we needed legal help. But after spending time with Mr. Foyil, I felt an immense sense of relief once I met with him and we drew up a plan of action together. He was able to answer all the questions I had, kept me informed through the legal process & he was great at follow-through. That was 4 years ago and he’s now the first person I call when I have a legal concern. I’ve also referred some of my own clients to him.”

Tim M.

“Hiring David and his team was by far one of the best decisions! Everyone here was extremely helpful, especially Terri, who I was in contact with the most during this process. She always took the time to explain everything clearly and made sure to keep me updated the entire time. David was very helpful as well, and he has a laid back vibe to him, which is definitely helpful during a stressful court meeting. Equal Justice Law Group made everything so much easier, and I would highly recommend them!”

Kyle P.

(on Amazon’s “Hot Sellers” list within three weeks of its publication)

“I am incredibly grateful to my book coach, Amy Collette. Teaming up with Amy reassured me that I could actually follow through and complete the book in a reasonable period of time. I felt like I was working with a member of the family, most certainly with a very trusted friend. Amy, I would not have gotten the book done without you.”

- John Alexander, Author of The Journey Begins With 1,000 Miles

“I LOVE what you did with my book. I can’t tell you how happy I am!”

-Kelly Robbins, Author of the upcoming book