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David Foyil

Attorney David Foyil, lead attorney and founder of Equal Justice Law Group, is a lawyer you can trust. He is a member in good standing with the State Bar of California; he received his BS from CA State University Sacramento and his JD from Lincoln Law School Sacramento. Mr. Foyil knows the community and the local courts well, and he is passionate about offering clients the highest quality service when they encounter legal issues or need to plan for the future. He is friendly, he listens to his clients, and he has the compassion and knowledge necessary to work together with them to find a resolution that will bring peace of mind for the future. He has been practicing law for 28 years. For 21 years, his firm has helped over 7,000 clients in the areas of estate planning, probate, divorce, custody, bankruptcy, and assisted living planning. Call today to book a consultation and discuss your next steps!

Law Clerk

Galina Dorris

Galina Dorris is a law clerk at Equal Justice Law Group who can assist you with immigration support, including green card applications, VISA applications/family reunification, sponsorship, naturalization, and asylum applications. Additionally, along with supervising attorney David Foyil, Galina can assist you with family law matters and employment matters.

Galina Dorris is a law school student certified with the California Bar Association to provide legal services under the supervision of David Foyil, leading attorney.

Galina holds degrees in Master of Public Health and Bachelors in Biological Sciences.

Galina has more than six years of experience working in leadership roles with international humanitarian organizations to help resettle and support immigrants, refugees, victims of crimes, and undocumented children.
Moreover, Galina was a refugee herself and understands the difficulties of the immigration process with the challenges of limited English language and socioeconomic stressors of resettlement into a new country. Galina is of Ukrainian-Russian descent and speaks Russian.

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