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Divorce is always hard, because there are so many intense emotions that surround a marriage’s end, and because the personal (and financial) stakes are high. It can be difficult to see past the worry, anger, loneliness, sadness, and conflict of the present in order to make wise decisions about every aspect of your divorce, which is why the experienced divorce attorneys at Equal Justice Law Group work to simplify the process, protect your rights, and give you peace of mind! Call today to Book A Consultation.

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If you’re getting divorced, the quality of representation you have on your side matters because of how overwhelming the process can be, and because of divorce laws in California. There are many important matters to consider, such as property division and debt division, (and custody, child support, and alimony if applicable). Generally, all assets and debts acquired during the marriage are considered “community” property and are equally divided upon divorce, but there are many nuances. Gifts received during marriage can remain separate property; contributions of separate property may be protected and reimbursed to the gifting party upon the marriage’s termination. The rules can be complicated, and sound legal counsel is essential to a successful case.

At Equal Justice Law Group, our Sacramento divorce attorneys will serve as an informed, non-judgemental voice of reason! We can guide you every step of the way and negotiate a fair resolution. We will look at the big picture without sacrificing the small deals. Our team works to keep your divorce as cost-effective as possible for you, and we maintain a great rapport with the local courts. No matter how challenging the specifics of your case are, you can trust that our top-notch negotiation skills will make a difference in terms of the outcome you receive!

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Because every divorce is different, we’ll take the time to listen to you so that we can understand your unique concerns and ensure that you understand your rights, options, and recommended course of action. Our firm always attempts to help our clients take an amicable approach to divorce if possible. This is better for children involved, better for your emotional state, and easier on your budget in most cases; being able to work together cordially with your spouse and their lawyer to determine the terms of your divorce also gives you more control over the results. However, there are some instances where fighting just can’t be avoided, and we are more than capable of aggressively defending your rights and interests if necessary.

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How your divorce is resolved will directly affect your closest relationships, your financial security, and your quality of life. The sooner you can reach a fair end to your marriage, the faster you can move forward with the kind of life you want to live. It’s important to enlist legal help from the start in order to prevent mistakes and keep the process as smooth as possible. Equal Justice Law Group won’t merely advise you on what to do; our Sacramento divorce attorneys, led by David Foyil, will invite you into the process and empower you to make the right choices. During your consultation, you can meet our friendly team members, ask questions, learn about your options (without confusing legal jargon), and set realistic expectations. We have offices in Sacramento, Jackson, and El Dorado Hills for your convenience! Call our law firm to schedule your initial consultation and get started.

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