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There are many laws at both the state and federal level that are designed to protect employees – to make sure that they are getting paid rightful wages for their labor, to prevent discrimination and harassment, and to ultimately ensure that they are not getting taken advantage of by greedy or dishonest employers. However, just because certain actions or behaviors are illegal doesn’t mean that employers don’t still try to get away with them. 

That’s where Equal Justice Law Group comes in! If you believe that your rights as a worker have been violated, our experienced California employment lawyers can help you stand up for justice and for compensation. Call today to book a consultation and learn about your next steps!

What Employment Law Violations We Can Help With

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You have the right to be treated fairly at work, in every aspect, regardless of who you are. Below are a few of the most common employment law issues we frequently assist employees with:

Wrongful Termination –  California law does give employers the right to fire employees at will, meaning that they don’t have to have a specific reason to fire you. However, they cannot fire you for an illegal reason. Most of the time, this looks like discrimination, or retaliation; if you were fired due to a change in your parental status, or because you are older than most of the other employees, or because you are of a different race or ethnicity or sexual orientation than other employees, or because you brought a workers’ comp claim or made a wage and hour complaint, then you may have a case for wrongful termination.

Unpaid Wages – You deserve to be paid fairly for every minute you work. You should be paid the minimum wage of the county in which you work – which may be higher than the state’s minimum – and you should be paid for overtime if you are a non exempt employee. Employers often either consciously or unconsciously break wage laws, which can leave you with less than you worked for. Our California employment lawyers can recover back pay and more!

Discrimination – You can’t be treated differently at work – verbally abused, shunned, denied promotions or overtime, demoted, etc. – on the basis of your sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, parental status, political beliefs, or anything about yourself that is different from your work performance and your personality. If you’re experiencing discrimination, we can fight for justice.

Sexual Harassment – Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, either that create a hostile work environment or occur in quid pro quo form. It’s not only uncomfortable; it’s also illegal, and shouldn’t be put up with.

Consequences Of Employment Rights Issues

Any of the above scenarios can have serious effects on you, your career, and your financial stability. For example, if you were wrongfully fired or passed over for a promotion due to a discriminatory reason, you may experience short-term financial distress, and you may find it more difficult to get good jobs in the future. If you weren’t paid for overtime work, or haven’t been paid the correct minimum wage, you may have lost money and missed out on financial opportunities you and your family otherwise could have enjoyed. If you were sexually harassed or discriminated against, your self-esteem and emotional well-being may be affected, as well as your coworkers’ and other employers’ perceptions of you; you may lose respect, which could in turn affect your ability to advance.

How Equal Justice Law Group Can Serve You

If your employer has victimized you, you deserve compensation. Our law firm will take the time to listen to you, investigate your claims, and determine if you have a valid case. We can explain all of your options and guide you every step of the way (representing you in court, if necessary!) to a resolution that achieves justice! At our law firm, every client is a partner, which means we’ll communicate with you without using confusing legal jargon, and we’ll always treat you with the compassion and respect that we would want to be treated with. In our 28 years of practice as a law firm, we have successfully served over 7,000 clients. You can trust us to take care of you and your future! Call today to book no-obligation, confidential consultation.

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