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Family Law

Family conflicts are some of the hardest to deal with because there are so many intense emotions involved. It can be difficult to see past the stress, fear, anger, and sadness of the present in order to make wise decisions about your situation, which is why the compassionate family law attorneys at Equal Justice Law Group work to simplify the process and give you peace of mind. Call today to Book A Consultation.

Equal Justice Law Group’s Caring Legal Guidance Can Make A Difference In How Your Divorce, Custody, Or Support Case Unfolds.

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Family law issues aren’t just legal problems; they are deeply personal issues, and how they are settled affects your day to day life. The rules about divorce, custody, and support in California can be confusing and there are many nuances involved; that’s why it is essential to have sound legal counsel on your side that can build a strong case for your interests. Divorce and custody can be financially, emotionally, and legally complex to navigate, but our Sacramento family law attorneys will guide you every step of the way to the ideal outcome.

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There are many considerations to be made in family law cases. If you’re getting divorced, you need to choose what kind of divorce you want to have, and everything you have will need to be divided between the two of you according to California’s divorce laws (property, debt, business shares, children, etc.). If you’re trying to find the right custody arrangement, you need to choose what type of custody to pursue, which will state who your children will live with and who can make decisions for them. If you’re advocating for child or spousal support (alimony), you need to take into account your plans for the future. It can be overwhelming with all the options and consequences before you; Equal Justice Law Group can help you understand the best course of action and give you legal advice you and your family can trust.

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How family law issues such as divorce and custody are resolved directly affect your closest relationships, your financial security, and your quality of life. The sooner your case is resolved favorably, the faster you can move forward with the kind of life you want to live. It’s important to enlist legal help from the start in order to keep the process as smooth as possible, prevent mistakes, and increase the chances of getting the best outcome. Equal Justice Law Group won’t merely advise you on what to do; our Sacramento family law attorneys, led by David Foyil, will invite you into the process and empower you to make the right choices. During your consultation, you can meet our friendly team members, ask questions, learn about your options (without confusing legal jargon), and set realistic expectations. We have offices in Sacramento, Jackson, and El Dorado Hills for your convenience! Call our law firm to schedule your initial consultation and get started.

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