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Isleton, CA Assisted Living Planning Attorney

It’s no secret that healthcare isn’t cheap, especially assisted living. The state of California has Medi-Cal, which is a program designed to help those in need of healthcare cover the expenses. Unfortunately, the requirements are stringent and difficult to meet, as it’s a needs-based program.

The good news is that our experienced Isleton assisted living planning attorney can simplify the Medi-Cal application process and protect your family’s hard-earned assets so that you can get financial aid for assisted living care.

While you can’t predict the future, you can take steps to prepare for it. Call Equal Justice Law Group today to request a consultation and learn about your options!

Isleton Assisted Living Planning Attorney

Protect Everything You’ve Worked So Hard For!

The average cost of assisted living in California is $6,250 a month – that’s $75,000 a year! Most people don’t have that kind of money readily available solely for healthcare expenses. Unfortunately, the cost of care isn’t covered by Medicare, or personal insurance. Medi-Cal, however, can cover some of these costs, but the requirements must be met.

Even though many Californians cannot afford assisted living, they usually still make too much money to qualify for Medi-Cal assistance. That’s where we come in. Our Isleton assisted living planning attorney can help you guard your assets, while still being able to access them to help cover your care.

It’s important that you don’t put off planning for assisted living care, or you could find yourself…

  • Using your life’s savings to pay for your care, leaving nothing behind for your family.
  • Putting your loved ones in financial jeopardy, as they’ll have to come up with the money to cover your expenses.
  • Suffering without assistance.

Working with Equal Justice Law Group can prevent you from ending up in one of these dire situations.

Steps We Can Take To Safeguard Your Life’s Savings

Exempt Assets: Certain assets are exempt when it comes to qualifying for Medi-Cal, while others are not. Our Isleton assisted living planning attorney knows how to convert your non-exempt assets so they don’t disqualify you from assistance.

Gifting: This is another way to exempt your assets. Gifting your possessions to a family member can keep them safe. It’s important to know, however, that Medi-Cal conducts a 30-month “look back” period where they will evaluate what has been gifted and count it as a resource against you. That’s why planning ahead is crucial. Careful planning, time, and consideration can protect your assets and help you remain eligible.

Irrevocable Trust: An irrevocable trust is another tool we can help you utilize, as the trust itself will own assets outside of your name, deeming them exempt from being counted against you.

Our seasoned Isleton assisted living planning attorney can help you determine which of these options can best assist you in getting the care that you need.

Why Work With Our Isleton Assisted Living Planning Attorney

If you’re approaching retirement age, it’s time to plan for the possibility that some type of assisted living or long-term care might be needed down the road. We understand that it’s difficult to think about or plan for a future in which assisted living is necessary, but doing so can prevent you from becoming a financial burden to your loved ones. It can also give you reassurance that your hard-earned assets won’t be drained in order to cover your care, but protected until they can be passed on to your family.

Are you ready to live out your golden years with peace of mind? Call Equal Justice Law Group today to request a consultation and discover your next steps.

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