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Despite the many state and federal laws put in place to protect employees from unlawful employers, employment laws are violated every day, leaving hard-working Jackson employees stripped of their rights. Though the violation of state and federal employment laws is illegal, there are many employers who get away with it simply because many employees are unaware of their rights or are afraid to speak up. This is injustice!

At Equal Justice Law Group, we strive to guard the rights of California employees who’ve been wronged by selfish, dishonest employers. Our experienced Jackson employment lawyers will fight to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve and stand up for your rights. If you work in Jackson, California and your rights have been violated, call Equal Justice Law Group today for a consultation and learn how we can serve you.

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Employment Law Violations We Can Help With

When you come to work, you deserve to be treated fairly and compensated fully, but that is not always the case. Below are some of the most common employment law issues we can help you with: 

Wrongful Termination – Though California law gives employers the right to fire employees without a specific reason, they cannot fire you for an illegal reason. Wrongful termination typically either looks like discrimination or retaliation for things like change of parental status, age, race, sex, ethnicity, or even sexual orientation. Some employers might even retaliate after you’ve filed a workers compensation or sexual harassment complaint. If you’ve been fired for one of these reasons, you might have a case for wrongful termination. 

Unpaid Wages – Many employers are unaware of California’s unpaid wage and overtime wage laws. However, this doesn’t excuse them when they break these laws as it is their responsibility as an employer to stay informed. You come to work with the understanding that you’ll be compensated fairly for your labor. If you are not, our employment lawyers can help you recover missing pay, and more. 

Discrimination – Unfortunately, discrimination is a common occurrence in the workplace and it can leave many feeling unwelcome and unsafe in their place of work. You should not be treated any differently than anyone else at your job on the basis of your sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, or anything other than your work performance. If you are, we can hold your employer accountable!

Sexual Harassment – Sexul harassment is classified as any unwelcome sexual advance, and is an illegal and inexcusable violation of employment law. Claims or complaints often aren’t taken seriously, and employees are made to feel extremely uncomfortable. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, whether quid pro quo or some other form, we can explain your options. 

What Are The Consequences Of Employment Law Violations In Jackson? 

Any time an employer takes advantage of an employee, they and their families suffer. That’s why our aggressive Jackson employment lawyers are so passionate about employee rights! 

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, for example, your income goes away, which can cause financial strife and ultimately reduce your financial opportunities (including where you’re able to live, etc.). If you’re missing wages, or are due overtime pay that you haven’t received, you might not be able to pay for things that you and your family need. If you’ve been sexually harassed or discriminated against in your place of work, you may feel unsafe or even ashamed, afraid to face your coworkers or other superiors, and you may be passed over for promotions that could increase your income. Employment laws are meant to protect you, and when they’re violated, you can suffer emotionally and financially. 

How Equal Justice Law Group’s Jackson Employment Lawyers Can Help You

Equal Justice Law Group believes that you deserve a work environment that is safe, fair, and legally compliant. We know that coming forward can be challenging, but you deserve justice, and we can help you get that. We will investigate your claims, explain your legal options, and guide you through the steps of pursuing compensation! Call today for a consultation with seasoned employment law attorneys.

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