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If you have recently lost a loved one and are navigating the probate process after their death, let us first say how very sorry we are for your loss. Death is always so hard, and even more so when there are legal processes involved like probate. Probate is a court ordeal that officially transfers a deceased person’s assets to their beneficiaries. It is not always necessary, but it is known for being burdensome, time-consuming, and expensive. 

When you’re grieving, the paperwork involved is the last thing you want to deal with, which is why it is helpful to work with compassionate Jackson probate lawyers who can guide you every step of the way to the best resolution. Call now to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and learn more about your options.

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Does Probate Have To Happen?

Probate is designed for assets that your family member owned in their own name (and no one else’s at the time of their passing). Some assets, like life insurance policies and retirement accounts that have named beneficiaries, will not have to pass through probate court. Any assets that were owned jointly will not have to pass through probate court; they will just pass to the other owner, as long as they are still alive. Estates that are worth less than $184,000 in terms of countable assets also don’t have to pass through probate, or may qualify for a simplified version. However, real estate, for example, will likely have to go through probate, as may vehicles, bank accounts that weren’t owned jointly, other valuable possessions, etc. 

This is true even if your loved one left behind a last will and testament. A will is a good legal document to have, but it does not prevent probate from needing to occur – the will has to pass through probate so that the deceased person’s assets can be distributed according to the contents of the will. A trust or comprehensive estate plan is generally the only way to prevent probate, but your loved one may have not realized that they needed this or may not have had time before they passed to get one in place. 

What Are My Responsibilities In Probate?

If you are named as the estate executor, or the person in charge of overseeing the probate process, you have many legal duties. You will need to…

  • File the will with the correct court, within a certain timeframe (if a will existed)
  • Formally notify your loved one’s creditors and heirs
  • Inventory and appraise your loved one’s assets
  • Maintain their assets until probate is complete (for example, arrange to have the house’s lawn mowed, etc.)
  • Work with creditors to settle debts and pay off outstanding amounts (from the estate’s money) 
  • File final tax returns and pay outstanding taxes (from the estate’s money)
  • Distribute the estate’s remaining assets to the estate’s beneficiaries
  • Communicate with the court
  • File a final accounting of the estate 
  • And more. 

Why Do I Need To Work With Jackson Probate Lawyers?

Trying to complete all of those tasks (which require a lot of paperwork and fees, and also an understanding of California probate law) can be extremely difficult during a time when you are trying to plan a funeral, grieve, and move forward with your life. If you miss any deadlines, or make any mistakes along the way, you could incur personal liability, even if those mistakes/missed deadlines were completely unintentional – you could be sued. It is always in your best interests to work with local probate attorneys who can protect you from that possibility. 

Our Jackson probate lawyers truly care about what you are going through. We will take the time to answer your questions, explain your options, and take care of all of the probate tasks for you so that you don’t have to worry about the legalities. We will communicate in easy-to-understand terms, not legal jargon; we are committed to resolving your probate case as efficiently and quickly as possible! Because we are also estate planning lawyers, we can help you get the right documents in place so that your loved ones don’t have to go through probate when you pass away someday. 

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At our firm, every client is a partner. You matter to us! To date, we have successfully served over 7,000 clients. Our reputation, knowledge, and over 21 years of experience can make a difference in how smoothly your probate case unfolds. We understand death is difficult; let us make it a bit easier for you and your family. Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our Jackson probate lawyers. 

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