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If you’ve recently lost a family member and are facing probate, we are sorry for your loss. Death is difficult emotionally and complex legally; your loved one’s estate may have to go through probate, a California court process, before their assets can be transferred to heirs. It can be tough to navigate probate on your own, but the knowledgeable probate attorneys at Equal Justice Law Group can simplify the process and give you peace of mind. Call today to Book A Consultation.

Equal Justice Law Group Will Work With You To Administer Your Loved One’s Estate As Quickly & Efficiently As Possible.

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The goal of probate is to ensure that the right people receive the inheritance left behind, either according to the contents of the deceased person’s will, or in accordance with California’s intestate laws.

Even if your loved one had a will in place, their estate may have to undergo probate, unless they…

Owned all of their assets jointly
Had the proper transfer-on-death/payable-on-death beneficiary designations
Or owned less than $184,500 worth of “countable” assets

If any of those three conditions apply, the estate may qualify to skip probate or undergo a simplified version, but otherwise, the full process likely needs to occur.

Probate is notoriously time-consuming and expensive. Most people have never heard of probate before they are tasked with completing it as their loved one’s estate executor/administrator, and it can be completely overwhelming to try to understand what’s required of them. Making mistakes can prolong the process or result in additional court fees or even lawsuits; enlisting the help of the knowledgeable probate attorneys at Equal Justice Law Group can save you time and money in the process. We can explain whether or not there are probate alternatives available to you, and if not, what you need to do to ensure a smooth administration.

Rely On Our Sacramento Probate Attorneys To Make A Difficult Time Easier On Your & Your Loved Ones.

Probate involves a variety of legal tasks and tedious paperwork. When you’re in mourning, you have other things to do that are more important, such as helping your family grief and coming to terms with your own grief. Equal Justice Law Group can take the heavy burden of probate off you by handling everything probate-related for you, including:

Filing the will with the probate court
Notifying creditors and heirs correctly
Taking inventory of and protecting the deceased person’s assets
Appraising the assets
Settling debts with creditors and paying off remaining debts
Filing final tax returns and paying final taxes
Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries correctly
Communicating with the courts to close the estate
And more.

The Sooner You Resolve Probate, The Faster You Can Move Forward. Call Equal Justice Law Group Today To Book A consultation!

Probate is the last thing that grieving families want to deal with, but it’s incredibly time-consuming. It could take months or even years before you’re able to close the estate, and there are many court deadlines involved; that’s why it is important to consult with experienced probate attorneys as soon as possible so you can avoid unnecessary fees and get closer to moving on from the legalities of your loved one’s death. During your consultation, you can meet our compassionate, friendly team members, ask questions, learn about your options (without confusing legal jargon), and get the right expectations. We have offices in Sacramento, Jackson, and El Dorado Hills for your convenience. Call our law firm to schedule your initial consultation and get started.

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