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Having a personalized, comprehensive will and trust ensures that your loved ones will know exactly what your wishes are if you are not able to make them known yourself, that your assets will be secure during your lifetime, and that your family can receive your assets immediately upon your death without having to go through probate. Our experienced Sacramento will and trust lawyers can help you draft an effective will and trust strategy that corresponds with your needs and goals. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more!

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What Is A Will?

A will is a legal document that describes how your assets should be distributed when you pass away. It also assigns guardians for your children if they aren’t of age at the time of your death. You can choose from numerous types of wills, including:

  • Last will and testaments (traditional wills)
  • Joint wills (a legal document that combines two wills, mostly used for married couples)
  • Pour-over wills (wills that transfer assets to a trust at time of death)
  • Living wills (lays out your wishes for medical care in the event of incapacitation)

Equal Justice Law Group team has extensive knowledge of the benefits of each type of will and can explain which may be best for you, depending on your unique life. We can draft your will to ease the burden on your family and diminish confusion. 

What Is A Trust?

A trust is a legal and financial entity that owns assets independently, outside of your name. You can create the trust and set terms for how the assets will be managed/used, and you can also designate a trustee to oversee the trust’s workings and beneficiaries that will benefit from the trust both during your lifetime and after your death. Unlike wills, trusts go into effect immediately after they are made, and also unlike wills, trusts do not have to go through probate before your loved ones can access them. 

There are many different types of trusts available to choose from. The most common types include:

  • Revocable trusts (allows alterations)
  • Irrevocable trusts (prevents amendments)
  • Special needs trusts (designed for citizens with learning disabilities)
  • Charitable trusts (designed for charities)

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys in Sacramento, CA

Failing to create a will or trust gives the government control over your assets and family. The government determines what happens to your property, putting immense strain on your family while they grieve your passing. It causes a significant delay in your family’s inheritance and requires your relatives to attend probate court to finalize the process.

Constructing an efficient will and trust without professional experience isn’t easy. It often takes time and requires extensive research to complete correctly, and any mistakes can render your documents legally invalid or create additional problems. 

Our Sacramento will & trust lawyers will simplify the legal procedures involved in drafting both of these complex legal tools, and will help you design first-rate documents that describe your wishes clearly and intelligibly. We understand how overwhelming estate planning can be. You can rely on us to streamline the process while providing professional legal advice, clarity, and peace of mind. 

At Equal Justice Law Group, we want the best for you and your loved ones! We will prioritize your needs and provide outstanding legal assistance that will give you peace of mind that your loved ones remain safe and secure.

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Our law firm has been helping Sacramento residents draft their wills and trusts for over 20 years. Because the future is never guaranteed, don’t delay! Call our Sacramento will and trust lawyers to schedule your consultation and learn more about your next steps.

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