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The Role Of Immigration Lawyers: How They Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Mar 26, 2024 | Immigration

There are a wide variety of situations that immigration lawyers play a pivotal role in. From visa, green card, and citizenship applications, to deportation defense, asylum, refugee cases, and more, immigration lawyers can be the key that unlocks a successful outcome in each scenario. 

If you’ve found yourself in need of assistance with one of the above, or something similar, enlisting the help of a skilled immigration lawyer can make the difference between successfully navigating complex immigration laws and facing an unfavorable result that is the opposite of your original goal. 

This blog aims to provide clarity on the role of an immigration lawyer, so that those seeking help with immigration matters might better understand how paramount professional assistance is to reaching the best possible outcome. 

Understanding Immigration Lawyers

Before diving into the various ways an immigration lawyer can help you, let’s define what they are and why they are needed. What they are is exactly what they sound like –  a lawyer who assists clients with immigration-related matters. Why they’re needed is based upon how complicated immigration laws have become, and how difficult they are to understand on your own. 

Obtaining citizenship, applying for a green card, seeking asylum, filing for a family-based petition, and the issues beyond, are all incredibly important and complicated processes. It’s crucial to navigate each step carefully to avoid making mistakes that might compromise or delay the results of your case. An immigration lawyer can help you do that, as well as provide:

  • An Initial Consultation: A consultation provides you and an immigration lawyer the opportunity to get to know one another. During this consultation, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions, address concerns, and more. In turn, an immigration lawyer can take the time to understand the circumstances of your case, so that they might better assess your immigration needs and what is required to accomplish your goals.
  • Legal Advice: Once an immigration lawyer has determined what you need, they can provide legal advice to address said needs. Whether it is guidance on your visa options, clarity about eligibility and requirements for your particular situation, or something else, they will conduct thorough research that should reinforce your position.
  • Application Assistance: Because most immigration applications can be elaborate and confusing, they can also help you complete and submit all of the necessary paperwork to save you time and the headache of doing it alone.
  • Representation: If your situation requires you to appear in immigration court, your attorney will represent you in any proceedings, and advocate for your interests.
  • Assistance With Appeals and Waivers: If an application for your green card, visa, or something else is denied, they can help you explore your options for appeal or file of waivers.
  • Knowledge Of Changes: If something were to change with any immigration laws or policies, your attorney can explain the changes and advise you on how to adapt and remain legally compliant under the law.

Common Misconceptions About Immigration Lawyers

In many aspects of law, not just immigration, many people choose to forgo professional help because they only deem it necessary in certain situations. However, this mindset can lead to misconceptions about the necessity of an immigration lawyer. Let’s debunk some of those misconceptions that might be holding you back. 

Immigration Lawyers Are Only Necessary For Complex Cases

It may be easy to assume legal assistance isn’t necessary if your case is straightforward, but even something as simple as a tourist visa application can become complex. Hiring an immigration lawyer isn’t required, but it is helpful!

Immigration Lawyers Can Guarantee Success

No immigration lawyer can guarantee a successful outcome. They may have a record of success, highly reputable testimonials, decades of experience, or even expertise in the area of law, but they cannot promise any certain outcome in your case (or any client’s!). Bar associations do go after unethical lawyers, but they don’t target lawyers who aren’t necessarily good at their job. Even lawyers who are great at what they do can’t foresee or overcome every obstacle, so there is no guarantee that the lawyer you enlist to help you will be able to reach a successful resolution on your behalf. However, your chances of being successful do increase when you have an immigration lawyer on your side who has knowledge, education, and experience that you do not!

Immigration Lawyers Can Expedite the Process

This is partly true; immigration lawyers can help streamline application processes and reduce the chance of rejection and appeals, which would take more time. However, the processing and approval time is mostly out of their hands. You are, however, able to check on the processing time of your case here. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer

Choosing to hire an immigration attorney can be extremely beneficial to your case, but hiring the right attorney can make the difference between achieving a favorable outcome and facing unnecessary challenges. Let’s discuss a few tips to help you find the right lawyer for your case. 

Don’t Feel Obligated To Pick The First One

Attorneys are like any other service provider in your life. You wouldn’t choose a doctor or therapist you weren’t comfortable with, why should an attorney be any different? Take your time in finding an immigration attorney (if you have that luxury), and don’t feel like you have to settle on the first one you meet. 

Do Ask Questions

If you have questions or concerns, ask them before committing to an attorney. This can weed out candidates who might not be the best fit for you, and help you find the one who is much faster.

Don’t Forget To Ask About Billing & Fees

The monetary costs of hiring an attorney can be steep. Make sure that your attorney is transparent about what you can expect to pay for their services so you aren’t caught off guard down the road.

Do Research Their Experience & Reputation

Do your due diligence by researching your candidates. Look up Yelp or Google reviews for the immigration lawyer you’re considering to see if they have a reputation for success. 

How Equal Justice Law Group Can Help 

If you need assistance with an immigration process like applying for citizenship or a green card, asylum, E1 & E2 Visas, or something else, Equal Justice Law Group is here to support you every step of the way. From your initial consultation to a final resolution, we will use our skills and knowledge to simplify the complexities of immigration law so that you can reach your goals for yourself or your family. Our very own law clerk, Galina Dorris is well-acquainted with the immigration process as a former refugee herself. Her personal and professional experience can provide you with confidence and peace of mind on your immigration journey. Call Equal Justice Law Group today to schedule a consultation and discover your next steps. 

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