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Wills and trusts aren’t just for wealthy people – everyone who owns property needs to have both of these important legal documents in order to make their wishes known and preserve their hard-earned assets for their loved ones! Creating a will and trust strategy that achieves your goals can be complex, but the experienced will and trust attorneys at Equal Justice Law Group can simplify the process and give you peace of mind. Call us today to Book A Consultation.

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The two foundational documents of any estate plan are a will and a trust. These legal tools can make your wishes known, keep your assets safe, and provide for a smooth estate transfer upon your death. Many people procrastinate making a will and trust because they either think that they’ll have more time to do so later on in life, or they don’t really think that they need them, but no one is guaranteed more time. Without a will and a trust in place, your loved ones and your assets are at risk if anything happens to you.

A will is a document that directs how your property is to be distributed at the time of your death. Most people, especially if they have children, realize that they should have a will, but wills have to be probated in the state of California. Probate is a court process that validates the will after your passing and ensures that its contents are carried out correctly. Your family may have to handle this notoriously tedious, expensive process, and they may not be able to receive the inheritance you intended to leave them right away; when they do, it may be severely depleted by taxes, creditors, and court fees.

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that owns property and assets in a legal entity so they can be used for the benefit of a beneficiary. A designated trustee controls property in a trust. There are many advantages trusts provide; unlike wills, trusts can avoid probate, minimize taxes, and directly transfer assets to heirs. Anyone who owns property should ideally protect it in a trust, but trusts are especially useful for people who own real estate in more than one state, who have children with special needs, who have blended families, or who are entering retirement and may need nursing home care.

Equal Justice Law Group is deeply familiar with the various types of wills and trusts, and can help you understand the correct type for you to use. Our Sacramento will and trust attorneys can draft documents that will effectively guard everything you care about and ensure a smooth estate transfer so your family doesn’t have to stress.

Rely On Our Sacramento Will And Trust Attorneys To Tailor Your Will And Trust To Your Specific Needs.

Some people attempt to avoid the expense of hiring a lawyer and take a DIY approach to creating their will and trust. However, this will likely end up costing them more money in the long run. That’s because drafting wills and trusts is a complicated process! There’s a reason lawyers go to school for years to be able to to design these sensitive legal documents. Your will and trust needs to be completely compliant with state and federal laws. Downloadable templates you find online may not be compliant, and they are also not personalized to your unique family dynamics and financial situation. Your family may find that your will and trust actually further complicate matters, and that they have to spend more money from your estate fixing the legal problems that arise as a result. Don’t leave them dealing with additional turmoil on top of their grief. Make sure that your will and trust are created correctly with the help of Equal Justice Law Group!

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Having a will and trust gives you as much control as possible over the future of your family and your assets. You can’t know what tomorrow holds, but you can be prepared for anything by getting these customized legal documents in place today. Equal Justice Law Group won’t just draft your will and trust and send you on your way; our Sacramento will and trust attorneys, led by David Foyil, will take the time to invite you into the process. During your consultation, you can meet our friendly team members, ask questions, learn about your options (without confusing legal jargon), and get the right expectations. We have offices in Sacramento, Jackson, and El Dorado Hills for your convenience! Call our law firm to schedule your initial consultation and get started.

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